Laser Diode Technician


Registration Information
Classes are open for registration until otherwise noted full. They’re available through Monday-Sunday within clinic hours and holidays in effect.
Course duration: Twenty hours to be completed within a seven-day period
Course cost: $1850.00 plus tax
Certification: Graduates will receive a certificate upon completion of the course from BC Medical Spa.

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Brief Course Description:

This hands-on training program will cover how diode lasers work including the physics of diode laser best laser for darker skin types. An overview of the anatomy and physiology of skin and hair, parameters for permanent hair reduction, photo facial will be an important part of the course.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Evaluate and discuss basic skin, hair, biology, and anatomy
  • Distinguish between facial rejuvenation concepts
  • Analyze skin pigmentation reduction and perform
  • Understand and perform sanitation and disinfectant procedures
  • Evaluate and apply laser and diode history
  • Critically evaluate the physics of lasers
  • Describe the laser operating safety procedures on clients
  • Distinguish between skin tightening and hair removal
  • Describe and evaluate acne treatment by laser/diode
  • Evaluate and apply equipment testing and maintenance
  • Critically assess laser parameters (wavelength, pulse duration, spot size, energy settings)
  • Distinguish between the types of cosmetic hair reduction lasers
  • Distinguish between medical lasers for skin problems
  • Perform skin typing and fluency selection
  • Understand and perform post laser treatment for the client
  • Evaluate and apply client consultation and patient observation